Gloria Umanah

Gloria Umanah is the founder and Executive Director of The Ex-Nihilo Collective and an internationally known and sought after communicator and spoken word artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia!  In 2016 Gloria turned down a dream opportunity of working with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and instead surrendered to the calling of God upon her life, which led to a life of purpose.  Gloria now uses her creativity and unique voice to bring to light the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to students, young adults, men, and women across the world.  Through sharing her powerful story of overcoming suicide, anxiety, and a life of fatherlessness, Gloria’s impactful messages and Spirit-filled spoken word poems of hope have reached over 2 million people across the globe.  Gloria is a powerful voice rising up in her generation. She is bold.  She is Spirit-filled.  And she is willing to be the one who stands in the gap for those searching for true freedom.  She carries the flame of revival wherever her feet travel as she seeks to see a generation liberated and propelled in the freedom found in Christ, and in Christ alone.